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Cookie Policy

(in force as of  01/05/2021)

Definitions used in this Cookie Policy:

• “Company” – UNION AVIATION JSC, registration No. 40203294676, legal address: Ziemelu street 4, Riga. Int. Airport, Marupes Parish, LV-1053, Latvia;
• “We", “our" – shall refer to the Company;
• “You” – shall denote a natural person who accesses or uses the Website, or any legal entity on whose behalf this person accesses or uses the Website;
• “the Website” – www.unionaviation.aero;
• “Cookies” – small text files which the Website shall place on Your computer, mobile device or any other device, which shall contain, among other things, information about Your browsing history on this Website and shall be transmitted to Your browser each time You visit the Website.

We shall use the Cookies and other technologies to ensure the full operation of the Website and to create personalized content.

The Cookies may be "Sessional" or "Persistent". We shall use both Sessional and Persistent Cookies.

The Sessional Cookies shall allow to identify Your browser and Your device, an Internet Protocol (IP) address assigned to Your device, when You visit the Website, to remember any changes or choices on the Website so that they may be used in other sections of the Website. The Sessional Cookies shall not be persistent – they shall expire when You close the browser in which You visited the Website or end a session on the Website.

The Persistent Cookies shall be stored in a device by means of which You visit the Website. The saved Cookies shall allow You to apply Your choices or actions on the Website each time You visit the Website.

Necessary Cookies
Type: the Sessional Cookies
Purpose: These Cookies shall be essential to provide You with the services which are available in the Website. These Cookies shall be necessary for us to provide You with the relevant services through our Website, and also to improve the operation of the Website.

Functionality Cookies
Type: the Persistent Cookies
Purpose: These Cookies shall allow us to remember Your settings and remember Your choices when using the Website, such as a language choice. The purpose of these Cookies shall be to remember Your settings so that it would be more comfortable for You to use our Website later.

Statistical Cookies
Type: the Persistent Cookies
Purpose:  We shall use these Cookies in a generalized form to understand how visitors on the whole browse and use the Website. These cookies shall help us to improve the Website in order to provide the best possible browsing experience on the Website. The Statistical Cookies shall not be associated with personalized marketing offers.
If You wish to avoid the use of the Cookies on the Website, You should first disable the use of the Cookies in Your browser and then delete the Cookies stored in the browser in connection with this Website. This option may be used to prevent the use of the Cookies at any time.

If You do not accept our Cookies, You may experience some inconveniences when using the Website and some features may not work properly.

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You may find more information about the Cookies, including which Cookies have been set on Your device and how You can manage or delete them, on the website: https://www.aboutcookies.org/