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Terms and Conditions

for online credit and debit card payments
Revision No. 1.0 of 01 May 2021

1. General
1.1. These terms and conditions for online credit and debit card payments (these "Terms") shall apply to any payment to Union Aviation AS, a company registered in Latvia with its registration number 40203294676 registered address at Ziemielu street 4, Riga. Int. Airport, Marupes Parish, LV-1053, Latvia ("Union Aviation") for the services provided by Union Aviation AS to another party (the "Customer") or expenses incurred by Union Aviation (a "Payment") made by using a credit or debit card (the "Card") through an online payment form (the "Payment Form").
1.2. These Terms supplemental to, and shall be read as one with, the provisions of any agreement pursuant to which the Payment is made (the "Contract") to the extent such provisions apply to the Payment.
1.3. Making a Payment by clicking the "pay" button in the Payment Form constitutes the Customer's consent with the current revision of Terms.
1.4. By making a Payment, the person making it represents and warrants to Union Aviation that: (i) it has the appropriate authority to validly accept these Terms on behalf of the Customer; (ii) it has the appropriate authority to use the Card; (iii) the Customer has duly authorised and executed the Contract.

2. Payments
2.1. Union Aviation accepts the following cards: (i) Master Card; (ii) Visa; and (iii) Maestro.
2.2. The Payment shall be effected as follows:
2.2.1. after receiving the link to the Payment Form from Union Aviation and clicking on it, the Customer's representative will be transferred to the web-page containing the Payment Form; and
2.2.2. the Customer's representative shall fill in the Payment Form by specifying the information requested therein, tick the box confirming its agreement with these Terms, and press the "pay" button.
2.3. The amount of the Payment shall be deducted from the Customer's account in the currency in which the relevant invoice has been issued by Union Aviation, or, if the Customer's account used for the Payment is in a different currency, in such currency at the applicable exchange rate of the Customer's bank and converted into the currency of the invoice.
2.4. The Customer shall receive an email confirmation of payment.
2.5. All charges and fees charged by the Customer's bank, as well as any other charges associated with the Payment other than the standard fees and charges of Union Aviation's bank shall be borne by the Customer.
2.6. The payment provisions of the Contract (such as invoicing and taxes) shall apply to the Payment to the extent not expressly amended by these Terms.

3. Cancellations / Refunds
The cancellations and refunds shall be governed by the terms of the Contract.

4. Privacy Policy
The privacy policies of Union Aviation and its acquirer ECOMMPAY apply to the data provided in relation to the Payment:

5. Contact Details
Any issues related to these Terms as well as the Payment should be addressed to Union Aviation by using the contact details set out in the Agreement.