We stand with Ukraine

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We stand with Ukraine

Dogs are welcome on Union Aviation boards

Company News
February 7, 2024

Fantastic news for pet owners who wish to travel with their dogs on Union Aviation flights!

We are happy to announce long-awaited news: the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) has approved Union Aviation's AltMOC procedures for the safe transportation of dogs in the passenger cabin on Union Aviation aircrafts. This approval was granted in accordance with Regulation (EU) 965/2012 and a demonstration of compliance, giving dogs the green light to travel on Union Aviation aircraft with their owners in the passenger cabin. This decision reflects a positive step forward in making our company and air travel more pet-friendly and even more accommodating.

We are ready to provide a range of amenities your pet might need on each of our boards including comfortable anti-slip seat mats, adjustable size harnesses, muzzles, stress-eliminating toys, snacks and bottled water.  This demonstrates a commitment to making the travel experience as pleasant as possible for both pets and their owners. These provisions not only cater to the practical needs of pets but also contribute to reducing their stress levels during the journey. Such attention to detail is sure to be appreciated by pet owners and is likely to enhance the overall travel experience with Union Aviation.

From now on please feel free to book your next trip and bring your beloved furry friend along with you!