We stand with Ukraine

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We stand with Ukraine

Union Aviation's Extended Range Operations

Our Fleet
February 7, 2024

Union Aviation's Extended Range Operations

Union Aviation has received operational approval from aviation authorities, empowering us to elevate our operations with Extended Range Operations for our long-range fleet of Bombardier Global Express and Gulfstream series aircraft.

Extending the maximum distance from suitable en-route alternate aerodromes to three hours flying time, allows us to access more direct routes over oceans and remote regions, and unlocks new direct destinations. This enables shorter flight duration, reduces fuel consumption and carbon footprint, and ultimately leads to cost savings. It contributes to a more sustainable aviation industry.

With Extended Range Operations of up to 180 minutes diversion time, Union Aviation can now offer non-stop services on longer routes. This enhances passenger convenience, shortens travel time, and makes long-haul journeys more comfortable.

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